If you’re feeling anxious or worried about having to return to an office setting soon, you are not alone. It’s normal and valid to need a period of adjustment to office life and being around multiple people after weeks of stay-at-home orders and social distancing guidelines.

We hide our need for help behind our pride. We hide it behind our fake-it-until-you make it competency. We hide it out of a desperate fear that asking for help will make us seem foolish or weak. Asking for help leaves us emotionally vulnerable – exposed in the bright light of all of our supposed flaws.

Genuine connection results from a well-regulated nervous system. Mindfulness can help you regulate your nervous system by regaining connection to your environment through your senses. Read on to learn more!

We sat down with four of our nation’s heroes from Veteran’s PATH, an organization (and eM Life Vibe Tribes charity partner) that builds a community of support for veterans, offering mindfulness, wellness and meditation tools. where they share real-world advice for developing resilience, facing uncertainty and more based on their experiences in their time in active duty, combat, transitioning back into civilian life, plus the integral role mindfulness played in their journey along the way.

Compassion is hard. It requires the willingness to be present with suffering, extending ourselves and widening our circle of compassion. Compassion is a response to the suffering of others that shows understanding, care, and concern.

Most of us are more familiar with hypersomnia’s raucous cousin – insomnia. While insomnia keeps us tossing and turning all night, hypersomnia does the opposite. It keeps us droopy-eyed during daylight.

financial double-dealing to quid-pro-quo arrangements and outright fraud. Dubious leadership along with the increasing complexity of the modern work-a-day world has many of us yearning for someone with forthright clarity, integral values and an inspiring vision to step forward and lead in their chosen field.  Learn how mindfulness can help you become a better leader … Continued

Mindful movement practices provide a complement to mindful practices which are done in stillness. Engaging in both types of practice helps us create a more mindful life.

Loving yourself can mean many different things. Two key ways we can practice loving ourselves is: to speak to ourselves with greater kindness when we make a mistake and make a point to experience a deeper sense of joy and wonder in your everyday life. As you do this, you’ll bolster your sense of inner goodness which makes it harder for that nagging inner voice of self-judgment to dominate your life.

If you’re curious about mindfulness but aren’t quite sure about what it means, you’ve come to the right place. The concept of mindfulness is simple: it is the moment-by-moment awareness of your feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment, and accepting these thoughts and feelings without judgment. Mindfulness is a gentle, peaceful approach to rediscovering yourself.