Millions of people suffer from mental health conditions worldwide, with the two most common conditions (depression and anxiety), costing the global economy $1 trillion annually. The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the mental health crisis, with 90% of employers reporting an impact on the behavioral health and productivity of their workforce. While the pandemic persists, organizations … Continued

The symptoms of depression can be challenging to manage, and some days it may feel like there’s no hope for living happily. But many evidence-based theories, such as mindfulness, have been proven to help those who experience depression live more fulfilled lives. Join eMindful for a series of mindfulness webinars in multiple languages for World Mental Health Day on October 10th.

The live program schedule offers a variety of mindfulness programs to help people in all situations live happier, healthier lives. From maintaining a healthy weight to living with chronic pain to making healthier choices, there’s something for everyone.

Burnout is a mental health syndrome recognized by the World Health Organization as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. Surveys from Deloitte and Mental Health America show that three-quarters of employees in the U.S. have experienced burnout at their jobs. The impact of burnout to an organization is costly, and … Continued

Each of eM Life’s mindfulness teachers discovered mindfulness in a different way. For Beatriz Gonzalez-Flecha, it was “a series of coincidences at the right time and in the right sequence.” Learn more about this Argentinian-born teacher and why she loves practicing in the Boston area.

“Aging gracefully” isn’t just a term that applies to the elderly. Choosing to age gracefully is a path you can apply to both your mind and body regardless of how old you are, and incorporating a daily mindfulness practice can help.

Relieving burnout isn’t as simple as self-care. Taking a mental health day or a long bath is great. But if exhausted and disengaged, you’ll need more support and an intentional strategy to move toward greater well-being.

Whether it’s recurring pain or an illness such as heart disease, diabetes or cancer, a chronic health condition can make just getting through the day difficult, and when you add pressures like work and demands at home, the challenges may feel like too much to handle.

Just as a semblance of security had been achieved, the pandemic took a toll on our mental health once again with the escalation of the Delta variant. In a recent survey conducted by eMindful, nearly 50% of workers reported concern or extreme concern with the Delta variant. The psychological impact of living with this latest … Continued

The topic of employee burnout isn’t new, but as a result of the pandemic, research shows that employees are now experiencing burnout in three interconnected ways – emotional or physical exhaustion, a sense of disconnection from work or family, and feeling less effective overall. As workplaces strive to adapt and move forward during the ever-changing … Continued