Fear is universal and primal. In its purest form, it’s protective. Still, it’s worth sorting out the difference between the fear that protects us and the fear that limits us.

While we all want to protect ourselves and our loved ones, confronting our own biases and knowing the difference between COVID-19 and seasonal allergies is not only helpful for your own health but can also help you be more compassionate to those around you who may be experiencing allergy symptoms.

Laughter is a form of physical, mental and emotional therapy. It’s also a primal way we bond, feel safe and have fun. Check out these three ways to experience joy in the moment with laughter.

Feeling lonely without the presence and comfort of other people is completely valid and natural to experience. But you are not alone! There’s plenty of explanation for why you’re feeling this way — and how to cope.

How can mindfulness help us learn to surf these wild, precarious waves of what’s going on today? And, how, if you’re new to mindfulness, might you begin to take refuge in a practice?

If you’re feeling anxious or worried about having to return to an office setting soon, you are not alone. It’s normal and valid to need a period of adjustment to office life and being around multiple people after weeks of stay-at-home orders and social distancing guidelines.

We hide our need for help behind our pride. We hide it behind our fake-it-until-you make it competency. We hide it out of a desperate fear that asking for help will make us seem foolish or weak. Asking for help leaves us emotionally vulnerable – exposed in the bright light of all of our supposed flaws.

Genuine connection results from a well-regulated nervous system. Mindfulness can help you regulate your nervous system by regaining connection to your environment through your senses. Read on to learn more!

We sat down with four of our nation’s heroes from Veteran’s PATH, an organization (and eM Life Vibe Tribes charity partner) that builds a community of support for veterans, offering mindfulness, wellness and meditation tools. where they share real-world advice for developing resilience, facing uncertainty and more based on their experiences in their time in active duty, combat, transitioning back into civilian life, plus the integral role mindfulness played in their journey along the way.

Compassion is hard. It requires the willingness to be present with suffering, extending ourselves and widening our circle of compassion. Compassion is a response to the suffering of others that shows understanding, care, and concern.