As we look to the year ahead, leaders will need practical insights to guide their mental health strategy and help their population persevere during the prolonged pandemic. eMindful, a Wondr Health Company, regularly surveys our participants to stay connected to their evolving needs. We use these insights from thousands of individuals across the globe to … Continued

When we feel connected to our resolutions, we gain the necessary boost to start living in alignment with the changes we want to see in ourselves. Learn how to give your New Year’s resolutions a boost by setting better intentions!

Devoting yourself to a cause you care about is typically a large investment of time and energy. But with eM Life’s annual 1% challenge, you can make a difference for yourself and others in as little as 14 minutes a day just by practicing mindfulness. Participation in this 30-day challenge begins January 3rd, 2022.

Mindful Leadership Series – January 5th Managing shifting priorities in a constantly changing work environment is a common challenge facing leaders in the workplace. With the Mindful Leadership Program, you will learn to use mindfulness to show up authentically and lead effectively in a diverse environment. This program will help you increase self-awareness and self-regulation, … Continued

Everyone has unhealthy habits that they want to improve, but taking small steps to live a values-based life can help reconnect you to your overall sense of purpose.

All of eMindful’s expert mindfulness teachers found mindfulness in a different way. For Ninette Hupp, it started by connecting to nature when she was just a little girl.

While the art of gift-giving is highly anticipated and appreciated during the holidays, there’s also a lot to be said for giving the gift of being fully present with your friends and family while you’re together.

If ever there was a year that needed a dose of holiday joy, this is it. And while it may be difficult to find, mindfulness can help you focus on the joy that’s present even amidst difficulty.

If you’re curious about mindfulness or have a specific challenge you want to begin to overcome, log in and explore these live, immersive multi-week eM Life programs.

We all discover mindfulness at different times in our lives, but for eMindful teacher Jenny Mills, it began intuitively and before she even realized she was practicing mindfulness. Learn more about Jenny’s journey.