March 21, 2024

Monthly mindfulness: What’s coming in April

For Stress Awareness Month, explore eM Life’s live programs to learn lasting mindfulness techniques that ease stress, improve stress management, and help prevent burnout. Prioritize your mental well-being for a more balanced lifestyle at work and beyond.

Living Well With Chronic Pain – April 2

Developed by a leading center for Integrative Medicine at Vanderbilt University, this class is an effective, non-medical approach to managing chronic pain often used in conjunction with medical treatments. You will learn how to harness the mind’s power to quiet pain, improve psychological flexibility, and gain self-efficacy. Join us for this 10-session live program led by expert mindfulness teacher Lisa Wickham

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Creating Better Relationships at Work – April 11 and April 30

Elevate your professional relationships and boost productivity with interpersonal mindfulness. This webinar focuses on cultivating nonjudgmental present moment awareness and the art of mindful communication to improve your interactions with colleagues. Join us for a 60-minute session taught by expert mindfulness teachers Cindy Gittleman and Jim Austin to learn how to build harmonious workplace relationships.  

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Skills to Thrive in Anxious Times – April 17 

Change and uncertainty contribute to added stress and anxiety for many. This series of six, 60-minute, expert-led, interactive sessions taught by expert mindfulness teacher Roger Nolan will help you develop the skills to overcome the habitual patterns of thoughts and feelings that get in the way of your day-to-day success and fulfillment at work. 

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