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Purpose-Driven Mindfulness

Imagine having the right skill in every moment, where your decisions and actions are fully aligned with what matters most. The eM Life experience helps you build skills for everyday life and chronic conditions to create a deeper connection with yourself and others with a greater sense of purpose for the world around you.

Applied Mindfulness

We’ve innovated the next level of mindfulness. Beyond traditional, generic mindfulness practices — we’re delivering “applied mindfulness.” We deliver relevant practices you can easily integrate into daily life, based on the relatable moments and stress triggers that you live through every day.

The Right Teacher, Just For You

eM Life has curated the best teachers from around the world, representing different languages, voices, style, cultures, and personalities — all of them are highly credentialed, certified experts, trained to deliver perspective, accountability, and personalized mindfulness practices through live, interactive sessions. Explore the right teacher, just for you, from our curated group of globally diverse experts.