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June 29, 2022

Monthly Mindfulness: What’s Coming in July

Summer is in full swing, the weather is warm, and for many of us our calendars are bursting at the seams. Don’t forget to take some time to prioritize you this month! Login and explore eM Life’s live programs to offer yourself some much deserved self-care and improve your health, happiness and well-being.  Improve All … Continued

June 27, 2022

How to Improve All Areas of Your Well-being with Mindfulness

When I think about my well-being, it helps me to think of a pie. Not a delicious apple and rhubarb pie, but a pie chart. I’ll explain.  There are four key aspects to consider when reflecting on our well-being: mental, physical, social, and financial health. These are often referred to as the ‘pillars of well-being’, … Continued

eMindful in the News

"We saw dramatic drops in stress after the program was over, and we saw a 69-minute gain in productivity of our employees over a year"

Mark Bertolini, Chairman & CEO of Aetna

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Severe Ski Accident Spurs Aetna CEO to Bring Yoga to Work ›

June 20, 2022

mindfulness for men |
The Mindful Man: How Mindfulness Can Help You Be the Man You Want to Be

What makes a man? Imagine the ideal in your mind. If you asked this question to someone today, you would get a different answer than if you asked 50 years ago. As cultures continue to develop, the traditional roles and ideas of what makes a man are continually challenged and shed. Movies and television present … Continued

June 14, 2022

How to Create Space for Quality Sleep with Mindfulness

On a tour of Thomas Edison’s estate in West Orange, New Jersey, I learned that the inventor of artificial light was famously against sleeping more than a few hours a night. I subscribed to his “sleep is a waste of time” mentality, not realizing that neglecting sleep could put me on a fast track to … Continued

June 1, 2022

Monthly Mindfulness: What’s Coming In June

There’s lots going on as we head into June. School is out, summer is in. We celebrate PRIDE and the LGBTQ+ community, as well as the African American community in honor of Juneteenth. June is also Men’s Health Month, when we raise awareness of men’s health issues and encourage healthy living habits for the men … Continued

May 23, 2022

Take Tiny Steps to Form Healthy Habits That Stick

My sister swears her good skin is a result of the massive water cup she drinks throughout the day. I’m no beauty aficionado, but after diving deep into a research spiral I came to realize that being adequately hydrated is not only important for our physical health, but our mental well-being too. Since I was … Continued

May 10, 2022

man mindfully stretching on a deck
5 Ways to Honor Mental Health Awareness Month

If I were capable of time travel, I would go back in time and tell my younger self not to wait so long to prioritize my mental health. It took a culmination of burnout, overseas relocation, and a global pandemic before I realized how much I had acclimatized to struggling emotionally.  These days, I’ve gotten … Continued

May 2, 2022

Monthly Mindfulness Schedule: What’s Coming In May

Prioritize your mental and emotional wellness in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. There’s no better time to treat yourself to mindfulness programs that improve your well-being. Whether you’re surviving, thriving, or somewhere in between – our live and on-demand programs help you relieve stress, build healthy habits, and live a happier life. Login and … Continued