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Make Every Moment Matter

Purpose-Driven Mindfulness
Proven Outcomes

We deliver evidence-based mindfulness programs applied to everyday life and chronic conditions, promoting health, happiness, and performance.

How We’re Different

Our differentiators create personal and workplace transformations.

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Applied Mindfulness

We integrate into everyday moments in life with applied mindfulness practices that help people make more purposeful decisions about their health, well-being, and chronic conditions.

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Evidence-based Approach

We are built on a solid foundation of 15+ years of data-driven insights and consistent results at improving workplace performance and health.

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Live Certified Experts

Our teachers help deliver perspective, accountability, and personalized mindfulness practices through live, interactive sessions. Participants can choose the right teacher for them from our curated group of globally diverse experts.

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Real-Time Relevance

We deliver unique population insights to create a personalized experience designed for daily use with fresh, relevant content and programming for evolving needs.

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Connection That Magnifies Results

We cultivate an experience that creates a deeper connection to oneself and others, fostering an environment that helps populations flourish.

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I joined eM Life to give me the mental strength I needed while my son was deployed. I immediately signed up for Vibe Tribes and selected Veteran’s PATH as my charity. I am happy knowing that every time I practice mindfulness with eM Life, I am helping a veteran."

Doris Trotter Marshall
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As the mother of a First Responder, eM Life has truly helped me weather the storm during COVID and the social unrest we have experienced over the past few months. I am much calmer and more focused and relaxed.”

Anthoni Bennett
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eMindful’s programs have changed my life and helped me break through my addictive behaviors and the shame around them. I am happier now than I have been in a long time. I am so grateful to eMindful.”

Darcy Law
Testimonial IMG - Darcy_Law
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We are living through a period of mayhem with COVID-19 and social unrest across the nation. Practicing mindfulness 14 minutes a day has helped me lead mindfully during this challenging time and set myself up for success.”

Jeffrey Goodrow
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Thanks to eM Life, I am more focused and better able to get through my to-do list. I am also calmer and more patient. It is worth spending 14 minutes a day practicing mindfulness. You truly see a difference over time."

Pratik Patel
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eMindful has helped me be a better partner and stepmom. I also have been able to use mindfulness to alleviate my back pain."

Stephanie Schraml
Testimonial IMG - Stephanie Schraml
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Mindfulness has helped me reduce stress, enjoy running more, and be a better teacher and coach for my students. Thanks to mindfulness, when I am teaching, I am not worried about coaching, and when I’m coaching, I’m not worried about teaching. That makes me more present in the moment for my students.”

Eric Senger
Testimonial IMG - Eric Senger
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eMindful has helped me be a better parent and improve my relationship with my kids. I also have my stress and IBS under control, and I feel more at peace with myself, and not so reactive as a parent.”

Suzy Brown
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eMindful is one of the best benefits we have at work. Mindfulness has helped me address stressful situations and become a more tolerant, positive and focused person. We deal with challenging customers at times and mindfulness helps us cope and reset after difficult calls.”

Sabina Sapienza
Testimonial IMG - Sabina Sepienza