June 26, 2023

Monthly mindfulness: What’s coming in July

Warm weather and busy schedules–the heart of summer is here. Take some time to slow it down, be fully present, and savor the season.  Sign up for eM Life’s live programs to treat yourself to some self-care. 

Skills to Thrive in Anxious Times – July 7  

Change and uncertainty contribute to added stress and anxiety for many. This series of six, 60-minute, expert-led, interactive sessions taught by expert mindfulness teacher Roger Nolan will help you develop the skills to overcome the habitual patterns of thoughts and feelings that get in the way of your day-to-day success and fulfillment at work. 

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Weight Balance for Life – July 10

When you maintain a healthy weight, your heart health also benefits. Through this program, you will use mindfulness to increase awareness of emotions and habits associated with eating to help you achieve or maintain your weight goals. This 20-session program is taught by expert mindfulness teacher Alisha Aum.

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QuitSmart™ Mindfully – July 10

If you’re having a difficult time walking away from tobacco use, you are not alone. QuitSmart™ Mindfully will help you build strategies to cope with cravings and address the emotions behind the addiction that keep you feeling stuck. Join us for this 10-session live program taught by expert mindfulness teacher Cindy Gittleman, which includes free nicotine replacement therapy (choose between gum or patches).

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Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Training (MBCT) – July 10

When we are presented with difficult situations or have difficult thoughts, they can spiral into a dark cloud impacting our everyday life. The MBCT program, which is based on cognitive behavioral therapy principles, has been proven to help you build skills to cultivate positive feelings, thoughts, and behaviors to help prevent depression or a relapse of depression. Join us for this 16-session live program (plus a retreat) taught by expert mindfulness teacher Elaine Smookler.

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Mindful Leadership Series – July 11 

Managing shifting priorities in a constantly changing work environment is a common challenge facing leaders in the workplace. With the Mindful Leadership Program, you will learn to use mindfulness to show up authentically and lead effectively in a diverse environment. This program will help you increase self-awareness and self-regulation, improve collaboration and problem-solving, cultivate an inclusive environment, and manage challenging situations with more grace and ease. Join us for this six-session program led by expert mindfulness teacher Kelly Barron.

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It’s Not About Time Management, It’s About Attention Management – July 13 and July 26

When we feel like we’re short on time and attempt to multi-task, we leave little room for what is most important–planning and strategizing that helps us be more effective and efficient. Join us for a 60-minute webinar taught by expert mindfulness teachers Cindy Gittleman and Elisha Goldstein to learn how to overcome these attention traps and create the time and space to be proactive. 

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