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December 26, 2022

Monthly mindfulness: What’s coming in January

The new year is upon us and it’s a great opportunity to leverage the tools of mindfulness practice and develop healthy habits that stick. Stay on track with your 2023 resolutions–check out eM Life’s upcoming live programs to start the new year strong with mindfulness. Weight Balance for Life – January 3 When you maintain … Continued

November 28, 2022

Monthly mindfulness: What’s coming in December

Wintertime, and the living is–stressful? It doesn’t have to be! We tend to have a lot on our plates (pun intended) this time of year, but mindfulness can help you clear up space for what matters most. Check out eM Life’s upcoming live programs to nurture yourself with some self-care and  build helpful skills this … Continued

November 21, 2022

Thanksgiving keeps you healthy—strategies to cultivate gratitude in your daily life

For many of us, Thanksgiving is a time for connecting with family and friends to enjoy a holiday meal, watch football on TV, or take a walk together outside in the fresh air. It’s also an opportunity to take a pause to reflect on the gratitude you feel for the big—and little—gifts in your life. … Continued

November 14, 2022

Gratitude is not just a buzzword—it can transform your well-being at work

My manager at my first job taught me to create a gratitude folder in my inbox. She didn’t actually call it a gratitude folder, but that’s what it grew into. Her intention was more logistical in nature—save a paper trail of accomplishments and positive feedback to reference in performance reviews. Useful for sure, but I … Continued

November 7, 2022

A family stands outside with an American flag
How veterans can take part in their own healing and support each other with mindfulness

After Halloween and before Thanksgiving comes a very meaningful holiday on the U.S. calendar–Veterans Day. Observed across the country on November 11th, Veterans Day honors those who have served in the United States armed forces. It’s a great time to connect to gratitude for the service and sacrifice of veterans and active military.  Veterans Day … Continued

October 31, 2022

Monthly mindfulness: What’s coming in November

As we gear up for holidays and the busy season, make sure to take some time for yourself to nurture your health, happiness and wellbeing. November’s live mindfulness programs cover a wide array of timely topics from holiday eating and support for veterans, to cultivating compassion in everyday life. Sign up for eM Life’s upcoming … Continued

October 24, 2022

3 Easy ways to weave self-compassion into your everyday life

My go-to tool in my mental health toolbox is self-compassion. This wasn’t always the case. I was pretty harsh on myself when I received a low score on a self-compassion test I took a few months back. I learned that I’m much better at showing compassion to others than directing that same kindness towards myself.   … Continued

October 17, 2022

Worried about feeling down as winter approaches? These self-care strategies can help

I relate to chipmunks this time of year. I too feel called to retreat to my burrow as my mood plummets along with the temperature and a deficit of daylight hours leaves me mourning the summer months. Seasonal Affective Disorder, fittingly shortened to SAD, affects people worldwide, with many more coping with milder symptoms of … Continued