PHOENIX, Dec. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Solera Health, the premier platform for connecting people seamlessly and easily to health solutions that work, announced its partnership with Ginger, the leader in on-demand mental healthcare, and eMindful, the leading provider of evidence-based mindfulness programs for everyday moments and chronic conditions. eMindful and Ginger join Solera’s curated Mental and Behavioral Health … Continued

If “what do you want for dinner?” feels like a crushing decision to have to make when you get home from a busy day at work, there’s a valid reason why. Research suggests that adults make 35,000 decisions a day. If you deduct seven hours of decision-free sleep, that equates to about 2,000 decisions per … Continued

ORLANDO, FL (Nov. 11, 2021) — After serving in the U.S. Navy in the wake of September 11, Marina Rabinek was plagued by the post-traumatic stress and anxiety of combat and the loss of fellow soldiers to suicide. While transitioning to civilian life, she turned to mindfulness. Rabinek enrolled in eMindful’s M.M.A.P. For Success Program … Continued

Having some employee turnover is normal for any business, but one of the many workplace changes that have happened during the pandemic is what experts are calling The Great Resignation. This refers to an occurrence across nearly every industry where record-breaking numbers of employees are resigning, including 4.3 million Americas in 2019, according to the … Continued

ORLANDO, FL (Oct. 25, 2021) — eMindful, the leading provider of evidence-based mindfulness programs for everyday moments and chronic conditions, will partner with Wellness for Cancer to support its network with its live, virtual mindfulness program, Mindfulness-based Cancer Recovery. The International Agency for Research on Cancer estimates that more than 19 million people are diagnosed … Continued

Millions of people suffer from mental health conditions worldwide, with the two most common conditions (depression and anxiety), costing the global economy $1 trillion annually. The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the mental health crisis, with 90% of employers reporting an impact on the behavioral health and productivity of their workforce. While the pandemic persists, organizations … Continued

ORLANDO, FL (Oct. 5, 2021) — Employees are leaving the workforce en masse and burnout is to blame. The devastation of the pandemic has taken a toll on employees with 77% reporting that they have experienced workplace burnout and more than 42% reporting symptoms of anxiety and depression up from 11% the previous year.  eMindful, … Continued

Burnout is a mental health syndrome recognized by the World Health Organization as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. Surveys from Deloitte and Mental Health America show that three-quarters of employees in the U.S. have experienced burnout at their jobs. The impact of burnout to an organization is costly, and … Continued

MIAMI (Sept. 16, 2021) – Transcendent Investment Management, a diversified private equity real estate investment firm specializing in the single-family rental and build-to-rent sector, has partnered with eMindful, the leading provider of evidence-based mindfulness programs for everyday moments and chronic conditions, to offer its residents live, virtual mindfulness solutions with no out-of-pocket costs. The exclusive partnership with … Continued

ORLANDO, FL (Sept. 14, 2021) – As parents across the country face heightened stress and uncertainty around having their kids back in school amid surges in the Delta variant and changes in mask mandates, leading organizations are stepping up to support working parents. Many large employers are turning to eMindful, the leading provider of evidence-based … Continued