How Employers Can Navigate School-Time Challenges In The Days Of Delta

Press Releases

September 14, 2021

ORLANDO, FL (Sept. 14, 2021) – As parents across the country face heightened stress and uncertainty around having their kids back in school amid surges in the Delta variant and changes in mask mandates, leading organizations are stepping up to support working parents. Many large employers are turning to eMindful, the leading provider of evidence-based mindfulness programs for everyday moments and chronic conditions, to navigate this issue, protect the health and well-being of their population, and emerge from the pandemic stronger and more resilient.

“Employers are recognizing that many parents are struggling to remain calm and focused on the day-to-day challenges of work and family life while managing concerns about the upcoming school year,” said Mary Pigatti, President, eMindful. “Just as we did with every challenge throughout the pandemic, eMindful is partnering with our clients to address the school issues head on through our unique data-driven approach that analyzes the real-time sentiments of our participants and addresses their evolving concerns.”

eMindful conducts biweekly pulse surveys to stay connected to the needs of our participants. We use these insights to identify what our participants need in the moment and develop custom resources, including blogs, webinars, new program content and toolkits to address these needs.

eMindful recognized the evolving concerns around school early on and proactively developed resources to empower parents and kids with the skills required to head back to the classroom with success. The organization will host an interactive webinar at 3 p.m. ET on Sept. 23, to arm parents with practical mindfulness-based tools and strategies to address their concerns around having their children back in school. The webinar also will include communication strategies and coping skills for children of all ages along with a mindfulness practice for parents and kids.

Organizations that are interested in supporting their working parents through the challenges that come with school, can receive free access to the webinar for their employees by contacting