Monthly Mindfulness: What’s Coming in June


May 27, 2021

diversity and inclusion - four diverse people laughing

School is out and summer is in full swing. This month also brings the celebration of the LGBTQ+ community at PRIDE and the African American community on Juneteenth. We are starting to gather more with friends and family and celebrate where we are and how far we have come. 

Explore our June live mindfulness programs that can help you connect with yourself and others, and be your authentic self through acceptance and ultimately celebration.

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Mindfulness at Work™: Stress Reduction – June 1st and June 21st

Take some time for yourself to enhance your focus, work performance and communication. Changing the way you react to stress can significantly improve your overall health and well-being. Join us for Mindfulness at Work,  a 10-session program taught by an expert mindfulness teacher, Roger Nolan (June 1st)  and Elaine Smookler (June 21st). 

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Journey Forward: The M.M.A.P. For Success – June 1st

There is a powerful mindset military elite forces have in common. The ground can shift beneath you at a moment’s notice and you need to know how to adapt. This 10-session program taught by Bernice Moore was developed by veterans for veterans and active military to help you with challenges that are unique to your circumstances. 

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Living Well With Chronic Pain – June 2nd

This program is an effective, non-medical approach to pain management. It teaches participants to become more aware of the thoughts and emotions that shape their pain experience and how mindfulness practice can help. Join us for Living Well with Chronic Pain, a 10-session program taught by an expert mindfulness teacher, Erin Sharaf starting June 2nd

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Weight Balance for Life – June 7th

As we gather more around food with family and friends this summer, it is harder to maintain a healthy weight. Through this program, you will use mindfulness to increase awareness of emotions and habits associated with eating to help you achieve or maintain your weight goals. Join us for Weight Balance for Life, a 20-session program taught by an expert mindfulness teacher, Jim Austin starting on June 7th.

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QuitSmart Mindfully – June 7th

Many people who use tobacco have trouble walking away from it for good, especially during times of stress and anxiety. The QuitSmart Mindfully program uses proven strategies to address cravings and habits of nicotine addiction. This is a 12-session program taught by an expert mindfulness teacher, Erin Sharaf starting on June 7th

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Freedom From Emotional Eating – June 8th and June 24th

Many of us recognize that our eating is influenced by our day to day emotions. While we are not suggesting that you should never eat for emotional reasons, doing so frequently can make weight management a challenge. The focus of this program is to explore strategies and learn skills based on the principles of “mindfulness” for losing weight, maintaining weight loss, and decreasing metabolic health problems. The Freedom From Emotional Eating program is taught by expert mindfulness teacher, Jim Austin (June 8th) and Cindy Gittleman (June 24th).

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Breathe In, Laugh Out- June 9th

Making light of a difficult situation is a common human response, but it can actually be healing to find the joy and humor hiding in plain sight. Mindfulness teacher, therapist and comedian, Elaine Smookler will look at some of the science behind humor and how it helps us feel better. Breathe In, Laugh Out is a 30-minute program led by comedian and mindfulness teacher, Elaine Smookler on June 9th.  

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Better Living with Diabetes – June 10th

Managing diabetes can be challenging daily; going to the grocery store or ordering out can be stressful. This program will help you build skills around nutrition, movement, and mindset to help you cope with the challenges of diabetes and take control of your health. Join us for Better Living with Diabetes, a 4-session program taught by expert mindfulness teacher, Heather Nielsen starting on June 10th.

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Getting to Know Your Mind Traps – June 10th and June 30th

Stressful moods and the thoughts that come with them hold us back from relating to experiences differently. In this program, we’re beginning to gain awareness of the “tape in the mind” or certain common habitual styles of thinking that keep us stuck, otherwise known as Mind Traps. The Getting to Know Your Mind Traps program is taught by an expert mindfulness teacher, Cindy Gittleman (June 10th) and Elisha Goldstein (June 30th).

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Mindfully Overcoming Addictive Behaviors – June 15th

Whether it’s scrolling for hours on social media, drinking a little too much with dinner, or habitually overeating, addictive behaviors can zap our energy and affect our everyday health and well-being. This program helps identify triggers, manage impulses, and shift your mindset to overcome multiple types of addictive behaviors. Join us for Mindfully Overcoming Addictive Behaviors, a 10-session program taught by an expert mindfulness teacher, Mark Pirtle starting on June 15th.

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Return to the Workplace: Managing the Stress and Anxiety – June 16th

As organizations begin to implement plans to return to the workplace, the change is triggering increased stress and anxiety for many. In this webinar, we will explore the challenges related to the change in work and family routine, and we will learn how to apply mindfulness to prepare for and navigate the transition with less stress and more ease. The Return to the Workplace: Managing the Stress and Anxiety program is taught by expert mindfulness teacher, Erin Sharaf on June 16th

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Skills to Thrive in Anxious Times – June 22nd

The uncertainty and changes over this past year have added additional stress and anxiety for many. These 60-minute, expert-led, interactive sessions will help you develop the skills to overcome the habitual patterns of thoughts and feelings that get in the way of your day-to-day success and fulfillment at work. Join us for Skills to Thrive in Anxious Times, a six session program led by mindfulness teacher, Roger Nolan on June 22nd.  

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Cultivating Compassion – June 24th

It’s natural to extend kindness to others in times of hardship, but not as easy to show self-compassion to ourselves. Through this program, you will build mindfulness skills and strategies that cultivate self-compassion and enhance your ability to foster positive relationships with others. Join us for Cultivating Compassion, a 3- session program taught by an expert mindfulness teacher, Marta Patterson starting on June 24th.

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Stress Less, Live More™ – June 29th

Life comes at us fast and sometimes hard. Stress affects us all. But it’s how we deal with those challenges that determine our quality of life. This program brings awareness to how we deal with stress and improves the quality of sleep, concentration, productivity, and overall well-being. Join us for Stress Less, Live More, a 10-session program taught by an expert mindfulness teacher, Mark DiFilippo starting on June 29th.

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