Using Mindfulness to Step Up Your Financial Self-Talk


April 8, 2021

“I’ll never be good with money!”

“I can’t budget.”

“I should have learned how to manage my debt better.”

Have you ever said any of the above statements to yourself? Many of us are hard on ourselves, especially in times of financial stress – I know I am. Whether you find yourself frequently short on rent at the end of the month or unable to add any money to savings, experiencing financial stress can impact your overall wellbeing.

The Importance of Positive Self-Talk

This morning, while sweeping up dirt, dust, crumbs, and dog hair on my kitchen floor, I heard myself say, “My gosh, you are disgusting!” I know this isn’t true; I’m a pretty clean person, but once I say one negative thing to myself, it’s easy to say another, and another until I end up not thinking very highly of myself by the end of the day.

Yet, everything we say to ourselves matters, even if it’s in jest. We may not even realize all the negative self-talk and how it can limit the way we live our lives. Another area where I often engage in negative self-talk is money. I’m not a person who feels empowered in my budgeting or debt management skills, and I fall into the “why aren’t you better at this” headspace really quickly when this subject comes up. 

At age 36, I feel embarrassed and anxious to admit that I’m limited in my money management skills. But rather than allowing myself to spiral into negative self-talk, my daily mindfulness practice is helping me step into my own power – one episode of inner dialogue at a time.

How to Step Up Your Self-Talk with Mindfulness

Bringing more awareness to your thoughts and emotions during mindfulness practice can help you identify when you’re engaging in negative self-talk and how this impacts how you are feeling. And that awareness is the first step to changing that inner dialogue. I have found that through mindfulness, I’m able to have self-awareness and recognize when I need to redirect my attention to a more positive message.

In the moment, it may seem silly to stop yourself and say something positive or focus on your strengths instead, but your words become your thoughts, and your thoughts become your beliefs. The more positively you talk to yourself about yourself, “I’ll never be good with money” will become “I’m learning more about money management and I’m on track to reach my financial goals.”

In addition to curbing your negative self-talk, participating in a live or on-demand program such as 7 Days of Financial Stress Relief can help you strengthen your mindful awareness and self-compassion. Just like any new practice, positive self-talk doesn’t happen overnight, but the more you talk to yourself positively, the more empowerment you’ll see behind your actions.

Written by Becky Greiner