Coping with Election Stress


October 14, 2020

Multi-ethnic group of people wearing masks voting at polling station on post-pandemic election day, copy space

The stress of an election year can make it challenging to remain focused, and it can be difficult to stay open-minded to opinions and ideas that are different from your own.

Watch our “Coping with Election Stress” program bundle, a collection of four on-demand programs taught by a mindfulness expert that can help you manage election year stressors and improve your overall health and well-being.

Coping with Election Stress Topics

Quick Relief – I Can’t Believe They Said That

While we are not in control of what others do or say, we can control the way we respond. Play episode

Quick Relief – My Patience is Done and I Might Explode

In moments when you feel like you’re at wit’s end, mindful awareness can help you feel grounded and in control. Play episode

7 Days of Tuning In

Living in the present moment seems easy, but it takes daily practice to develop that connection with ourselves. Play episode

Awareness of Breath

Bringing focused attention to each breath without trying to control or change your breath can make a difference in the way you start your day. Play episode

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