Finding Relief Amidst the Wildfires


October 1, 2020

The wildfires that have erupted throughout the West Coast have brought tremendous upheaval and uncertainty to an already challenging year. As first responders continue to fight the blazes, it can be difficult to remain calm and focused. Building a mindfulness practice can help you navigate through this period of heightened stress and anxiety.

The following resources will help you build skills and learn mindfulness strategies to integrate into your daily life and cope with the devastation of this natural disaster.

Loving Kindness

This mindfulness practice focuses on building an attitude of friendliness toward ourselves and others; a skill that can be crucial when interacting in situations with high stress. This program features different meditations that can easily fit into any schedule.
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Panic Attack

It’s common for panic attacks to arise in situations with heightened anxiety and stress. Learn how to regain control when you’re on the verge of a panic attack, train your body to stop over-activating your stress response, and start being more resourceful in response to stressful situations.
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What the Heck Am I Going to Do Now

If your mind is swirling with anxious thoughts, a mindfulness practice can help you feel more grounded by bringing awareness back to your body. After the mind settles and the body relaxes, it’s easier to move forward by regaining mindful stability.
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Body Scan

In this body scan practice, you will gently move your focus throughout the body to root yourself in the present moment and bring greater awareness to any physical sensations you are experiencing.
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