Five Strategies Military Elite Veterans and a Congressman Recommend to Navigate COVID-19 and the Next Normal

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May 5, 2020

5 strategies military uses for new normal |

Webinar Series to Help Veterans and Civilians Navigate the Pandemic and Beyond

ORLANDO, FL – May 5, 2020 –  There is a powerful mindset our military elite forces have in common. The ground can shift beneath them in a moment’s notice and they need to know how to adapt. This is much like our current climate and the ongoing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19.

In an upcoming webinar series, a Congressman leader, a Navy SEAL Commander, an Air Force F-15 Pilot, an Army Special Forces Officer, and a Marine Corps Intelligence Officer will weigh in on what they have learned from their time on Capitol Hill and in combat with strategies to lead corporations and individuals through COVID-19 and the next normal.

“Our veterans have been on the frontlines and in the trenches, and there is much they can teach us about how best to navigate COVID-19 and the period that follows,” said Mary Pigatti, CEO, eMindful. “This series will allow organizations and individuals to hear from veterans about how they use mindfulness to persevere during times of crisis.”

The webinars will be conducted through May and early June by eMindful, the leading provider of live, virtual mindfulness solutions, and Veteran’s PATH, an organization dedicated to helping returning veterans rediscover meaning, purpose, and joy through mindfulness, meditation, and a safe community. The series will feature Congressman Tim Ryan (OH) and military elite veterans who will touch on building grit and resilience, managing fear and uncertainty, being at your best in the worst of circumstances, connecting with others in times of crisis, and managing family dynamics in turbulent times.

eMindful and Veteran’s PATH partnered recently to bring mindfulness to veterans. The applied program includes on-demand content that helps veterans integrate mindfulness into everyday life and address issues that are unique to their circumstances, including overcoming addictive behaviors, acclimating to civilian life, finding purpose, and searching for a new normal. Webinar attendees will gain complimentary access to the program.

Register for each of the webinars in the series!

Register for Webinar 1 – Dealing with Turbulent Times: Build Grit and Resilience – Thursday, May 7, 11:30am EST 

Register for Webinar 2 – Managing Fear and Uncertainty: A Mindful Approach – Thursday, May 14, 2pm EST

Register for Webinar 3 – Being at Your Best in the Worst of Circumstances: Practice a Growth Mindset – Friday, May 22, 2pm EST

Register for Webinar 4 – Connecting with Others in Times of Crisis – Thursday, May 28, 2pm EST

Register for Webinar 5 – Managing Family Dynamics in Turbulent Times – Thursday, June 4, 2pm EST

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