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April 22, 2020

Three Mindfulness Strategies to Help You Navigate the Next Normal

Mindfulness Strategies For COVID-19 and Returning to Work Readiness

ORLANDO, FL (April 22, 2020) — With the heightened stress and anxiety and ongoing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, organizations are turning to mindfulness now more than ever to protect the mental health and well-being of their population and to prepare for the next normal.

eMindful, the leading provider of live, virtual mindfulness programs, has seen rapid growth since the COVID-19 outbreak. The pace of new registrations has grown over 600%, and engagement in the solution is up 212% from the same period last year.

“COVID-19 has placed extraordinary demands on leaders in business and beyond,” said Mary Pigatti, CEO, eMindful. “It is now more important than ever to lead with compassion, flexibility, and adaptability. A Mindful Leader is someone who is focused on their people first. Mindful leadership resources are powerful tools to help organizations cultivate focus, clarity, creativity, and compassion during these trying times and beyond.”

As a winner of The Best and Brightest Award, eMindful, in an upcoming webinar presented by The Best and Brightest, “Three Mindfulness Strategies to Help You, Your Company and Your Community in the Next Normal,” participants will be able to experience the benefits of mindfulness firsthand and learn three strategies that they can apply to navigate COVID-19 and what McKinsey & Company calls “the next normal” or the period following the pandemic. The webinar will feature Denise Shields, PhD, Director of Curriculum, Delivery and Research for eMindful.

The strategies will focus on reducing stress and anxiety, being a mindful leader while navigating organizational changes ahead, and using the power of purpose to improve your health and well-being while connecting to something bigger in the days and months that follow.

“We are living in uncertain times and many are asking what ‘business as usual’ will look like in the wake of COVID-19,” Dr. Shields said. “One thing that is certain is the power of mindfulness to help us navigate what comes next.”

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