Coronavirus Anxiety: How to Navigate with Mindfulness


March 13, 2020

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Below, you’ll find complimentary content such as applied mindfulness programs created by eM Life and an article that addresses the facts with additional practical mindfulness tips to help keep you and your team informed while navigating the stress surrounding the Coronavirus.

Why Worry?

When worry and anxiety take over we can often feel like something’s wrong with us. In this session learn how mindfulness, can help us manage anxiety by changing the way we relate to uncertainty and unease.

Listen to the complete “Why Worry” mindfulness practice here.

Being Present with Discomfort

Typically, when we feel discomfort, we figure out how to get away from the unpleasant experience. Though biology might tell us this keeps us safe, it runs counter to real patterns of avoidance that stunt our growth and steal our energy by ‘resting into’, instead of resisting our experience. In this session learn how mindfulness can help us tune into our bodies with greater intention and understanding.

Listen to the complete “Being Present with Discomfort” mindfulness practice here.

Calming Uncertainty and Confusion

The intention of this 10-minute practice is to bring a focused attention to each breath, without trying to change or control the breath.

Listen to the complete “Calming Uncertainty and Confusion” mindfulness practice here.

Quick Relief – What The Heck Am I Going To Do Now?

Life changes unexpectedly, the anxiety of not knowing how to manage the uncertainty of how to move forward can feel overwhelming. In this session learn how mindfully regaining stability is just what we need to move forward with greater clarity and wisdom.

Listen to the complete “Quick Relief” mindfulness practice here.

Should I Be Scared Of The Coronavirus? Mindfulness Techniques for Managing Coronavirus Anxiety at Home and Work

Of all the newsworthy events that have happened so far in the new year, there’s one word that has stayed consistent in the media and is now at the center of a lot of daily coverage – Coronavirus, or COVID-19. While Coronaviruses are actually a large family of viruses that can range from the common cold to more severe diseases, COVID-19 has been getting a lot of attention because it’s a novel virus, meaning it’s a new strain of the Coronavirus family. . . To continue reading, click here.