eMindful Introduces Mindfulness Program for Veterans

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November 11, 2019

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eMindful and Veteran’s PATH Collaborate to Bring a Scalable Solution to Veterans

ORLANDO, FL – Nov. 11, 2019eMindful, the leading provider of purpose-driven mindfulness solutions with proven outcomes, today introduced its program to support veterans.

More than 20 million living Americans have served our country. Many suffer from the lasting physical and emotional challenges that come with combat. According to the RAND Center for Military Health Policy Research, 20 percent of veterans who served in either Iraq or Afghanistan suffer from either major depression or post-traumatic stress. The Department of Veterans Affairs’ analysis indicates that on average 20 veterans a day die from suicide.

“Veteran mental health services are essential to help our returning veterans, yet less than 50 percent get the care they need,” said Mary Pigatti, CEO, eMindful. “We wanted to honor these brave men and women on Veteran’s Day by bringing them a mindfulness program specifically designed to develop new skills and flourish as they transition to civilian life.”

The mindfulness program for veterans was developed in collaboration with Veteran’s PATH, an organization dedicated to helping returning veterans rediscover meaning, purpose, and joy through mindfulness, meditation, and a safe community. The applied program includes on-demand content led by Jon Macaskill, a Navy SEAL Commander and a certified mindfulness teacher who serves as the deputy executive director for Veteran’s PATH. The program helps veterans integrate mindfulness into everyday life and address issues that are unique to their circumstances, including overcoming addictive behaviors, acclimating to civilian life, finding purpose, and searching for a new normal.

“The military does an exceptional job training people from civilian to soldier, and there’s an opportunity for our country as whole to do better in training them from soldier to civilian,” said Dave Drake, executive director, Veteran’s PATH. “Our partnership with eMindful will allow us to reach veterans with greater scale and with evidence-based, applied mindfulness programs that will help veterans bridge the gap between what they’ve experienced in service and what they experience as they re-enter civilian life.”

Veterans can access these programs through Veteran’s PATH.

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