Goldie Hawn and eMindful Kick off “The 1% Challenge” To Benefit Children in Schools Around the World

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January 14, 2016

Two organizations bringing mindfulness to schools, workplaces and the public launch campaign to support Hawn Foundation’s MindUP™

Miami Beach, Fla. and Vero Beach, Fla., Jan. 14, 2016Goldie Hawn, the academy award winning actress, producer, child advocate and philanthropist has joined eMindful in a fund raising campaign to support her charitable foundation’s MindUP™ program for children.

Launching this month, “The 1% Challenge” brings together anyone who wishes to learn or practice mindfulness as part of eMindful’s online community. Short mindfulness sessions are facilitated multiple times daily by eMindful’s teachers in a live, webinar-style environment. For every 25,000 minutes of Mindful Daily meditation practice by Challenge participants, eMindful will donate $1,000—up to $10,000—to The Hawn Foundation’s signature initiative, MindUP™, which brings mindfulness training into classrooms around the world.

The 1% Challenge offers free mindfulness sessions online led by eMindful’s expert instructors. The program challenges participants to dedicate one percent of each day—14 minutes—toward introducing small, manageable behavior changes with the goal of developing new habits that can be sustained throughout the new year—and beyond. The Challenge acknowledges the realities of behavioral change: People are more likely to succeed by introducing small changes over time than by attempting massive, re-directional change all at once.

Goldie Hawn has been a longtime advocate of mindfulness and mindful behavior. “The 1% Challenge makes practicing mindfulness easy and convenient for people and helps people personally experience the big benefits that mindfulness contributes to the quality of our lives and those around us,” she said. “It is certainly a more powerful choice than making the average New Year’s Resolution.”

The Hawn Foundation’s MindUP™ is an evidence-based curriculum and training program designed to help children self-regulate behavior and mindfully engage in the focused concentration necessary for academic success, peer collaboration and successful family dynamics. The program was inspired by Ms. Hawn’s desire to contribute to a more peaceful and livable world, made all the more urgent after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the U.S.

“Our children are 25% of our present but 100% of our future so I decided to shape a new world by focusing on children. We assembled educators, neuroscientists, positive psychologists and experts in mindful awareness training to build our MindUP™ program.”

MindUP™, equips children, educators and parents with vital social and emotional literacy skills, helping them increase focus, improve academic performance, reduce stress, gain emotional resilience and optimism.

“It trains children first to understand their brain and how it governs thoughts and emotions and then introduces its signature Brain Breaks to attain a quieter mind. Finally, mindfulness, perspective taking and gratitude are introduced, helping children emerge more optimistic and resilient.” Ms. Hawn noted. “Stress blocks learning. A child’s ability to learn is directly linked to their overall state of well-being and mental health, and MindUP™ is reducing their stress. It’s creating a more optimistic learning culture and school environment.”

To date the Hawn Foundation has seen a 60 percent rise in optimism among MindUP participants, as well as significant improvements in pro-social behavior, aggression and absenteeism from school. As well, tests for the stress hormone cortisol showed that it was better regulated among MindUP participants than those within a control group. And improvements were seen in math and reading scores.

Participants for the 1% Challenge may sign up to begin their personal Challenge any time between now and January 31. Once active, they gain access to a free 30-day membership to eMindful Life. eMindful Life offers users online access to “in-person” classes with new topics every day, a 24/7 conversation board facilitated by eMindful’s teachers, support tools and more to help users stay engaged, inspired and committed to their personal challenges.

Every participant is rewarded for meeting Challenge goals. When a participant attends a Mindful Daily session:

  • At least 10 of 30 days, they earn a one-hour, live applied program from eMindful.
  • At least 20 of 30 days, they earn access to eMindful Life for one year.
  • All 30 of 30 days, they earn a VIP eMindful Life membership and a subscription to Mindful magazine for one year. The first 100 participants to complete the Challenge also receive a free Muse biofeedback headband supporting training the mind.

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About The Hawn Foundation and MindUP

The Hawn Foundation created the evidence-based MindUP™ as a social and emotional literacy curriculum and training program. For 10 years, it has grown as the foundation’s signature initiative and currently serves children and schools across five continents.

Rooted in neuroscience, the program teaches self-regulatory behavioral control while offering engagement strategies for learning and living. MindUP™ serves thousands of children globally each year, preparing children to navigate 21st century challenges while maximizing opportunities for success. Learn more at

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