eMindful Brings First-of-its-Kind Live Daily Offering Into Growing Consumer Market for Mindfulness Programs; Available Multiple Times A Day, First 30 Days Complimentary

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September 8, 2015

Vero Beach, FL – Sept. 8, 2015—eMindful, the leading provider of live, online mindfulness programs for employers and insurers today released eMindful Life™ to satisfy a rapidly growing consumer market.

eMindful Life is the first online mindfulness offering to include new live classes daily, along with community features. Its lynchpin is the Mindful Daily section, where classes are available multiple times per day. The sessions are facilitated by professional instructors, and are complemented by apps and features including mindfulness games, a “Chime Time” meditation timer, and an online community where participants can communicate with instructors and practitioners.

“eMindful Life offers a breakthrough in the growing mindfulness market,” said Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D., a noted mindfulness teacher, author and psychotherapist. “It opens live, high-quality mindfulness training to virtually anyone, anywhere. And it gives graduates of eMindful’s employer-based programs an ongoing community connection and structure in which to continue their practices, which many have expressed a desire for.”

The service is available starting today for unlimited use during a free 30-day trial. It can be accessed with any Internet-connected mobile device or computer, at eMindful.com/life.

According to eMindful founder and CEO, Kelley McCabe Ruff, “eMindful Life is a bold expansion of our services to help people move toward ‘mindfulness in every moment’™.

“Mindfulness is a practice in which people can learn the skills for a better way of life. This might include making long-term changes in diet and exercise, in coping better with stress, or in improving the quality of important relationships. Participants of our classes often say mindfulness has changed their lives. eMindful Life makes access to live guided classes, in a highly accessible online format, available throughout every day. It’s an awesome opportunity to participate in the conversation of real life.”

Each day eMindful Life will feature a fresh application of mindfulness skills around a practical topic. These will be supported by exclusive daily tips, home practices, and suggestions by eMindful’s instructors throughout the day in the ongoing online conversation. Topics will explore subjects such as how emotions can interfere with personal and professional lives, how ingrained patterns can lead to overeating (or other unhealthy behaviors), and how to effectively look more closely at our purpose in life.

Over the past decade, more than 3,000 studies on mindfulness have been published in scientific journals, demonstrating a wide range of benefits such as improvements in resilience, chronic pain management, chemical dependency, diabetes management and coping with cancer. One of those studies found that adults prefer learning mindfulness online to in-person instruction.

“The value of eMindful Life is in delivering a new skill every day with a variety of apps for practice,” said Zev Suissa, eMindful’s Chief Digital Officer. “We’ve assembled the simplest, most engaging tools of the mobile web and applied eMindful’s highly successful, supportive approach.”

About eMindful
eMindful provides applied mindfulness programs targeting some of the biggest modifiable health cost drivers facing employers – stress/resiliency, metabolic syndrome, smoking, diabetes, cancer, and chronic pain. It is the only company providing these programs through live, online classrooms –which are more accessible and scalable than in-person training, and more engaging than recorded content.

Its evidence-based programs have been adopted by leading employers and health insurers such as NextEra Energy and Aetna, with results recently receiving the acclaim of the New York Times, PBS NewsHour and CBS This Morning. The company’s Mindfulness at Work® program was recognized by the National Business Group on Health for innovation.

Since 2007, eMindful’s corporate partners have averaged estimated savings of $8 for every $1 spent, by improving stress levels, metabolic syndrome, sleep quality, smoking cessation rates, employee productivity, and happiness. To learn more about eMindful or how to participate in a mindfulness program, visit eMindful.com.

Media Contact:
Linda Ferguson
PR Counsel, eMindful Inc.

Company Contact:

Kevin Renner

SVP of Marketing and Product Management, eMindful Inc.