Mindfulness going mainstream, part 2


June 18, 2015

The rapid spread of mindfulness practice through seemingly improbable business sectors continues. Only a few weeks ago, we wrote about CNBC highlighting the spread of mindfulness on Wall Street. And yesterday, The Wall Street Journal noted the spread of mindfulness throughout the legal profession.

“…meditation, breathing exercises and focus techniques are in vogue in corporate America—championed by blue-chip employers like Google Inc. and General Mills Inc. as a simple but potent mind-sharpening tool,” the Journal noted.

“Now, the movement is on the cusp of a more improbable breakthrough into the field of law.”

It’s now part of the curriculum at two dozen law schools around the country–joining medical schools, police departments, and schools, among other institutions, recognizing the importance of focus and presence.

See more at http://www.wsj.com/articles/lawyers-go-zen-with-few-objections-1434586250