High School’s “Obese Kid” Set To Defend Half Marathon Title

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April 24, 2015

Metabolic Health in Small Bytes: Atena’s Thomas Lore

Marathon_June2012 Thomas LoreThomas Lore recalls that even in high school, he was the fat kid. And only 10 years removed, that seems like a lifetime ago for him.

The twenty eight-year-old software developer from Southington, Connecticut watched his weight creep up to 256 pounds. A confluence of events, including eMindful’s Metabolic Health in Small Bytes (MHSB) program, changed all of that.

First was a serious accident. Then there were the financial incentives from his employer, Aetna, to get healthy—incentives that Lore continually missed. And a television show, The Biggest Loser, played a role as well.

“One of the last things the contestants do is run a marathon,” he recalls three years later. “I was watching that, and a light went off in my head; if they can do it, why can’t I?

“I was never a runner before 2010; I was actually the obese kid in high school,” he continues.

As part of his life turnaround, Lore participated in eMindful’s MHSB program in the spring of 2011. Offered by Aetna to its employees and taught by psychotherapist and eMindful instructor Jennifer Davis, the class was an integral part of his program to reclaim his health and well being, a program that included exercise and regular telephone consultations with eMindful’s health coach Kerry Little.Little worked with him on normalizing his sleep, goal setting, continuing his exercise, and focusing on mindful eating. He recalls the most influential lessons including learning how to slow down while eating, as well as goal setting.

The program’s ongoing focus on goal setting helped him build his momentum, Lore recalls. Before he knew it, his weight was down from 256 pounds to 173. He went on to run the Cape Cod Half Marathon in 2012, winning in the 25 to 29 age group in his first race at that distance. Later in the year he ran his first full marathon, in Worcester, Massachusetts.

“It was a really good feeling when I finally crossed the finish line of my first marathon,” he recalls. “The most inspiring part is where I came from in high school…as in basically being the exact opposite of a track runner. The goal setting exercise led to my approach and continuing this journey.”

Lore still continues practicing the three-minute mindful breathing exercise he learned in MHSB. “I definitely saw the benefit of that in helping relax throughout the day. We did that throughout the entire program.”

Lore says he’s now more relaxed and sleeping better. On top of that, he meets the good health criteria that qualify him for a $200 discount on his health insurance through Aetna. And he feels better. “Anytime you can go from above 250 to below 200, I feel like your mood is going to improve.”

With his weight still in the 170s, Lore has already run his first 5k and half marathons of 2013. In May, he adds, “I’m defending my title in the half marathon.”