Flossing your teeth nightly. Exercising regularly. Practicing mindfulness daily. These are good resolutions or goals, even great ones, to do. Though, many of us struggle to do any of them regularly. Just ask my dentist. Why is it so difficult to begin and keep a good habit?  Build the great habits of a mindfulness practice … Continued

We often think of mindfulness as something we do when we sit still and close our eyes. But mindfulness is more like a trusty backpack – something we carry around with us and continually use. And mindfulness is certainly worth unpacking in our relationships.

Have you ever said “I’m sorry” for something that didn’t necessarily warrant an apology? For example, if someone accidentally bumps into you, or tacking it onto the end of a request like, “Could you also add bananas to the grocery list? Sorry…”  This verbal reaction doesn’t always serve us, others, our relationships, or our work. … Continued

Tolerance of others helps us to accept diversity. This starts with ourselves. However, often we don’t accept our own emotions and thoughts. In other words, we are not tolerant of ourselves. So how can we accept others? Mindfulness is a powerful practice to help us learn self-acceptance and self-compassion.

After a spring of lackluster and exhausting Zoom school for her two kids, my neighbor is grappling with a dramatic decision. Should she move to Canada? It isn’t a theoretical question. My neighbor has Canadian citizenship and, at least for now, in Vancouver, her kids could physically go to school and resume a normal education. … Continued

I drive down the road after dropping the kids at their respective schools. My mind spins with a long list of things to-do. With family arriving tonight at our new home in Maui, there’s plenty to do, and not enough time, it seems.  I’m eager to make some headway. But, my body has a different … Continued

Many large employers are turning to eMindful, the leading provider of live, virtual mindfulness solutions, to navigate the recent heightened stress surrounding what to do about sending kids back to school.

What “Return to School” Means During a Pandemic When the return to school advertisements come out, there are always mixed emotions for parents and kids. But in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, this new school year will likely bring heightened emotions for your family. Talking to your kids and their teachers about the best … Continued

Having trouble sleeping doesn’t start the moment when we lay down. In fact, there’s a host of mental habits that we create throughout the day that keep us awake at night. If our minds are constantly agitated throughout the day (our awareness jumping from one thought to the next, caught in to do lists and problems that need to be solved) then we’re creating a habit for our minds to be like that all the time, even when we go to bed. Ca

Individuals who practiced mindfulness with eMindful’s eM Life solution prior to COVID-19 had lower stress levels during the pandemic than individuals who were new to practicing, according to new data collected since January 2020.