If you’re curious about mindfulness or have a specific challenge you want to begin to overcome, log in and explore these live, immersive multi-week eM Life programs.

We all discover mindfulness at different times in our lives, but for eMindful teacher Jenny Mills, it began intuitively and before she even realized she was practicing mindfulness. Learn more about Jenny’s journey.

It’s not easy to break free from old eating habits, especially during the holiday season, but incorporating mindful eating into your festivities can be the new tradition that helps you fully enjoy, savor, and feel gratitude for this beloved holiday without the usual feelings of discomfort and guilt after the meal is over.

Veteran’s Day is a day to offer thanks and gratitude for those who have served in our armed forces, and it’s also an opportunity to bring awareness to veteran mental health. Veterans can participate in their own healing through mindfulness, including a program called M.M.A.P.

It’s already November, the time of year where we all start dreaming about pumpkin pie and counting down the days until the holidays begin. Amid all the planning and cooking this month, making mindfulness part of your schedule can help you enjoy and savor the present moment. From mindful eating to stress reduction at work, … Continued

Being open-minded doesn’t mean we have to abandon our principles. We just need to entertain the newness of another perspective for a deeper understanding.

Pumping yourself up with positive self-talk is better than putting yourself down, but how and what you say to yourself matters.

October 11th is Coming Out Day in the United States, and wherever you are in your coming out journey, mindfulness can help you accept yourself exactly as you are.

The symptoms of depression can be challenging to manage, and some days it may feel like there’s no hope for living happily. But many evidence-based theories, such as mindfulness, have been proven to help those who experience depression live more fulfilled lives. Join eMindful for a series of mindfulness webinars in multiple languages for World Mental Health Day on October 10th.

The live program schedule offers a variety of mindfulness programs to help people in all situations live happier, healthier lives. From maintaining a healthy weight to living with chronic pain to making healthier choices, there’s something for everyone.