Creating Peaceful Spaces with Mindfulness The benefits of mindfulness can be applied to many areas of your day, such as before you begin a stressful meeting or when you’re in an anxious headspace. But mindfulness can also be useful for decluttering not only your mind but also your living space. In both your head and … Continued

Everyone’s mindfulness journey begins differently. For eMindful teacher Kelly Barron, it started as an awakening during the stress and anxiety of a very competitive Journalism career. Get to know Kelly in this month’s teacher Q&A!

The need to “create space” is something that always comes to mind in Spring. And most people respond to that need by creating physical space through Spring cleaning. But creating space doesn’t mean you have to start emptying out that hallway closet that’s getting a little too full of storage tubs (I’m speaking for myself … Continued

Living a values-based life is something we all know we should do, but how to begin? Mindfulness programs and daily practice can help.

March is a time for the regrowth of life and Spring cleaning. As you begin to make space in your home, don’t forget to take the time and also make space for self-care. No matter what emotions may surface during this time of year, our live and on-demand mindfulness programs cover a wide range of topics, including compassion and workplace stress.

eMindful teacher Lisa Wickham is a familiar face in the wide variety of programs she teaches, but did you know that she’s been practicing mindfulness since she was a child? Find out more about Lisa and her journey!

As children it’s drummed into us not to talk to strangers. But it turns out that may be bad advice. Making small talk with strangers and acquaintances throughout our day is not only entertaining it’s good for us.

What’s Dr. Mark Pirtle’s favorite fact about himself? Learn more about his life and journey into mindfulness!

February is Heart Health Month, and not just for Valentine’s Day. Join us for a diverse selection of mindfulness programs all month long to strengthen your connection between your mind and body.

Nowadays, colleagues are often digital avatars, and couches are corporate headquarters. And while we may love the flexibility of working from home, we also miss socializing in person with our colleagues. Having friends at work makes life – both on and off the job – far more fun and enjoyable. It also makes work more fulfilling.