Monthly Mindfulness: What’s Coming in January


January 4, 2021

We made it to 2021! This year brings us hope and optimism. Start fresh with mindfulness. If you have a specific goal or challenge you want to overcome with new ways of thinking, our mindfulness experts are here and have a wide range of programs available. Join us!

Weight Balance for Life – Jan 4

If you typically gain weight this time of year, you’re not alone. Through this program, you will use mindfulness to increase awareness of emotions and habits associated with eating to help you achieve your goals around weight. Register Here

Mindfulness-Based Cancer Recovery – Jan 5

Even after diagnosis and treatment, cancer recovery can affect your ability to be productive at work and home and affect you both physically and mentally. Through this program, you can use mindfulness to enhance your immune system and improve your quality of life, focus, and decision-making skills, as you recover from cancer. Register Here

QuitSmart ® Mindfully – Jan 5 or Jan 11

Many people who use tobacco have trouble walking away from it for good, but 2021 is a new year and a perfect time to start fresh. The QuitSmart Mindfully program uses proven strategies to address cravings and habits of nicotine addiction. This program includes gift card incentives and free NRT gum or patches. Register Here

Mindfulness at Work™ – Jan 5

The new year can be overwhelming with all the messages around a ‘new you’. Find time for some self-care with the Mindfulness at Work program. This program offers 30-minute,  expert-led sessions that can help you change the way you react to stress to improve your overall health and well-being. Register Here

Mindful Eating – The Key to Sustainable Weight Loss – Jan 12 or Jan 28

Mindless eating or eating when not physically hungry to manage stress or avoid difficult emotions is a part of life for many. The focus of this program is to learn and explore strategies and skills based on the principles of mindfulness for losing weight, maintaining weight loss, and decreasing metabolic health problems. Register Here

Better Living with Diabetes – Jan 12

Managing diabetes can be challenging on a daily basis, going to the grocery store or hanging out with friends can be stressful. This program will help you build skills around nutrition, movement, and mindset to help you cope with the challenges of diabetes and take control of your health. Register Here

Understanding Mindfulness – Jan 13 or Jan 29

It only takes a thought  or emotion to kick us into a stress cycle. Mindfulness allows us to be present in this cycle, step outside of it and choose a different approach to reduce our stress. This program focuses on how to integrate mindfulness into your daily life. Register Here

Intro to Mindfulness  – Jan 14

Mindfulness is more important than ever. If you’re curious about the benefits of mindfulness, this introductory session will help you address the stressors of everyday life and make every moment matter. Register Here

Mindfully Overcoming Addictive Behaviors – Jan 19

Whether it’s scrolling for hours on social media, drinking a little too much with dinner, or habitually overeating, addictive behaviors can zap our energy and affect our everyday health and well-being. This program helps identify triggers, manage impulses, and shift your mindset to overcome addictive behaviors of all kinds. Register Here

Stress Less, Live More™ – Jan 21

Life comes at us fast, and sometimes hard. Stress affects us all. But it’s how we deal with those challenges that determines our quality of life. This program brings awareness to how we deal with stress and improves the quality of sleep, concentration, productivity, and overall well-being. Register Here

Journey Forward: The M.M.A.P. For Success – Jan 26

There is a powerful mindset military elite forces have in common. The ground can shift beneath you at a moment’s notice and you need to know how to adapt. This program was developed by veterans for veterans and active military to help you with challenges that are unique to your circumstances. Register Here