Mindfulness at Work®

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Mindfulness at Work® is a breakthrough program developed by eMindful, piloted in the U.S. by Aetna, and recognized by the National Business Group on Health for its success in stress management. The program has been offered by dozens of employers and taken by thousands of employees around the world.

Participants report the program is enormously helpful in managing stress, improving creativity, enhancing focus and concentration, and feeling more energetic. eMindful and a group of five employers recently found that productivity increased by an average of 69 minutes per week, per participant yielding a return-on-investment of more than 11:1. Stress levels decreased by more than 37% as measured by the Perceived Stress Scale, a validated assessment instrument.

Mindfulness at Work® is taught live in an online (virtual) classroom. The program consists of twelve 1-hour weekly classes, plus a 2-hour intensive, for a total of 14 hours. Mindfulness at Work® provides participants with tools for becoming more aware of habitual patterns that may undermine their success—whether that is defined in terms of career objectives, interpersonal relationships, weight management, addiction relapse, or other healthful attitudes and behaviors.

eMindful has collaborated with Aetna and Duke Integrative Medicine in researching the benefits of the Mindfulness at Work® program and the results have been published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Occupational HealthPsychology. This study demonstrated significant reductions in stress levels, which considerable research has shown reduces health care costs and absenteeism. Reduced stress also improves sleep quality and heart function, which contributes to better health, greater happiness, and higher productivity.

Mindfulness at Work® leverages principles and skills taught in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center’s Stress Reduction Clinic. Both programs have substantial evidence showing that mindfulness helps restore and maintain a sense of personal balance and avoid emotional and physical depletion. This is important not only for people with stress-related, mental health, and chronic disease conditions but also for those who want to avoid such conditions

# Of Classes: 12 classes offered weekly

Class Length: 1 hour. A 2-hour experiential workshop is conducted the 10th week of class

Format: Live, online program


  • Mindfulness in Your Day
  • Stop Reacting and Start Responding
  • The Art of Mindful Eating
  • Overcoming Obstacles to Change
  • Thoughts are Not Facts: Breaking the Glass Ceiling of Our Mind
  • Getting to Know Your Mind Traps
  • Success: It’s Not About Time Management, It’s About Attention Management
  • Bringing Calm and Focus to Overwhelming Situations
  • Breaking Free from Bad Habits
  • Creating Better Relationships at Work
  • Preventing Relapse into Burnout
  • Dealing with Difficult People

Please note: The classes and programs offered by eMindful are intended to be educational and do not constitute any form of clinical treatment.

The eMindful classes and programs offered on this website do not constitute professional medical advice and should not be used as a substitute for medical diagnosis, advice or services.

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