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Mindfulness Awareness Practices (MAPs) for ADHD is a six week class taught by two physicians who are experts in ADHD care:  Dr. Lidia Zylowska, an adult psychiatrist, and Dr. Mark Bertin, a developmental pediatrician. The program provides an overview of ADHD including its causes, comprehensive treatments and a review of the neuroscience of ADHD and mindfulness-based interventions.   The class also includes education into the impact of ADHD and executive function skills on day-to-day life.  Each session includes mindfulness exercises taught in a manner suitable for those with attention issues or new to meditation.

ADHD affects the quality of people’s lives in a myriad of ways including increased stress levels, struggles at school and work and challenges in personal relationships. Recent research shows that mindfulness-based stress reduction can improve executive function and attention, reduce stress and promote cognitive flexibility in problem solving.   It fosters emotional well being by helping people break mental habits that perpetuate difficult behaviors, and helps mitigate many of the effects of ADHD symptoms through enhanced self-awareness and self-regulation.   Parents make better choices involving their children when they learn how to manage their own stress more skillfully.

Adults with ADHD, their spouses, and parents of children with ADHD will benefit from the class by learning how to manage ADHD related challenges and by incorporating mindfulness skills into their day-to-day life.

*MAPS for ADHD was co-developed by Zylowska and Smalley with contributions from Diana Winston.  See Zylowska, L et al, J of Attention Disorders, 2000.

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